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How to install apps directly on your Apple Watch.

With watchOS 6, Apple Watch is almost a standalone device. Although you still can't install Apple Watch without an iPhone, you can install and uninstall apps without touching the smartphone.

How to install apps on Apple Watch:

When you open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the App Store tab, you will find that the App Store is empty. Moved to your wrist when updating watchOS 6.

To install apps on your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to open the Apps screen. Here you will find a new "App Store" icon and touch.

 Open the App Store on Apple Watch and press the search button. 

You will see that all Apple Watch stores are here on your wrist and show all watchOS-specific apps.

The App Store landing page has a search bar at the top and a list of apps collected below. You can browse the entire screen and find interesting apps that you want to install.

If you are looking for something specific, click on the "Search" box. At the top you see two ways to search for the app. Press "Doodle" to type the word on the clock screen with your finger. You can still press feature. "Dictation" to use Siri Dictation to search for apps.

 Click on Scribble to search for apps in the App Store. 

Click on the app from the list for details. From here, you can read the app description and see the screenshot.

Choose the "Receive" button to download the app. If it's a paid app, you'll see the price in the download button.

 Items and options to download the App Store 

If this is the first time you download an app from the App Store on Apple Watch, you will have to enter your Apple ID password. You can either write on the Apple Watch screen or type on your iPhone. This will be easier.

Click the "password" button, then click the keyboard button to receive messages on your iPhone. [19659006]   Touch the password option, then select the keyboard button. 

Enter the Apple ID password on your iPhone.

 Enter your Apple ID password in the text box of your iPhone. 

When you enter the password, the App Store app on the Apple Watch will return to the app page and you will see that the download has started.

Once downloaded, you can press the "open" button to open the app. You can also search for the app displayed on the app screen.

iPhone apps with the Apple Watch Companion app:

When it comes to the Apple Watch app, it's a normal business companion if you install the iPhone app that comes with the Apple Watch app automatically on your Apple Watch.
You can disable this feature in the Watch app. Go to the "General" section of the "My Watch" tab, then click the option next to "Automatic app installation" [1965906] Click on the option to automatically install the app. 

You can delete apps separately from the Watch app from the "My Watch" tab. Find the "Install on Apple Watch" section and select an app.

 Click on the le Watch app from the list. 

From the next screen, tap "Show apps on Apple Watch."

 Click to disable apps from appearing on Apple Watch. 

How to use removing apps from Apple Watch:

Removing an app from Apple Watch is very easy. To access the app screen, tap the Digital Crown and then tap and hold the app.
Here you will see a small "X" icon in the top left corner of the app that you can delete. You can also delete some stock apps, such as Breathe and Stock if you wish.

Click the "X" icon, then click "Delete app".

 Press the X button, then press the Remove button to delete the app from Apple Watch. 

If you haven't upgraded to watchOS 6, it's worth it for the new App Store and new customizable watches.

Download apps of all sizes using mobile data on your iPhone in iOS 13 - without warning. «IOS & iPhone Gadget Hacks

When there is a new game you want to play or an app you want to use but the Wi-Fi network isn't available, you can download it via mobile data. However, if the app size is too large, you can't do it on the iPhone, but it's changing in iOS 1.

3, which in turn, provides control over mobile data downloads in the App Store
As the standard data for mobile data grows every year, Apple continues to relentlessly, with restrictions on downloading apps via mobile networks on the iPhone OS 2, a 10 MB limit, iOS 3.1. .3 collided with 20 MB, iOS 5.1 has 50 MB, iOS 7 raised to 100 MB, iOS 11 got 150 MB, iOS 12.3.1 fired up to 200 MB, and iOS 13 removed the cover almost completely

Correct. Finally, the new iOS 13 will remove the App Store download limit without a Wi-Fi connection. You can download apps of all sizes from the App Store using LTE, including extended games, large dictionaries, decorating apps. Photos and videos and other larger apps. Many people in the United States have an unlimited data plan with their service providers, so it's good to remove restrictions and allow Do unlimited downloads

Step 1: View and change app download settings.

In iOS 13, the App Store's default download setting asks you if you want to install an app that exceeds 200 MB in size. It doesn't block you. But requesting you to proceed, However, there are two other options that you can access in the settings app. Go to the "iTunes & App Store" setting and under the mobile phone information You will find options. "Download app" Touch to see the selection.

Allow Permissions: Allow all applications to download automatically with LTE. No suggestions at all - just do, no questions asked.
The question over 200 MB: Selecting default allows apps under 200 MB to download automatically with LTE, meaning you will be asked to confirm the download if it exceeds 200 MB.

Ask every time: Always ask for permission to download apps with LTE. It works on everything regardless of size.

Although all settings allow you to download 200+ MB applications on LTE, the difference is that you are warned to download large applications. If you want to allow apps of any size to download without warning, select the "Always allow" option. Even if you choose one of two settings, you can override the warning that appears.

As a side note, it is always necessary to be allowed when roaming, regardless of which of the three settings you choose because the cost of roaming is significantly higher in a mobile plan.

Step 2: Download the 200+ MB app from the App Store

To download applications that are over 200 MB in size, go to the App Store. In this example, I downloaded the Oxford Dictionary of English and came to a massive size of 224.8 MB. Click "Download" on the app's information page. Make sure it's necessary. And the app will begin downloading via LTE with zero warnings But if you choose the option "Always allow"

If you choose "Request more than 200 MB" or "Always ask" you will get a popup like in the picture below, telling the size of the app, a warning about additional fees on your mobile plan and the option to download " Later on Wi-Fi "or" Download "to continue immediately after via LTE.

Depending on the signal strength and your mobile data plan, the app may take a moment to download. When finished, will appear on your home screen.

Your iPhone has just received a new update. Check out all the new features that have been reduced in iOS 13.1.

Samsung One UI: Six Tips and Tricks for Controlling Android 9 on Galaxy S9 and S10

If your Galaxy S9 has received the latest enhancements or you plan to buy the S10, then you'll need to know Samsung's One UI. A complete review of the Samsung Experience 9.5 provides an elegant interface, redesigned apps, and New philosophy by focusing on intelligent and quick responses. While you feel far, here are six key tips to start with your right foot:

You can choose to have buttons, lines, or anything on One Navigation Zone-u.
The most important change in the user interface is the addition of gesture navigation. Samsung has thanked you that it is different from Google or Apple in general. Samsung has opened the gesture navigation bar: pulling up from the left to see your latest apps swipe up from the middle to go home and swipe from the side. Right to go back It is a simple genius system. But when you upgrade it will be turned off by default. To enable it, switch to settings > show and select the navigation bar.
The content has two types of navigation options: buttons and full-screen events. Tap the circle next to the gesture, then the familiar hub button will be three thin lines at the bottom of the display that you can swipe. Once you are familiar with it, you can go to the command and close the indicator completely by toggling. Gesture trick.

Open the app in split-screen mode.

Using the app on a split-screen will be easy to set up in the user interface.
Samsung has changed the behavior of the latest app screen in the user interface. Now, the application rotates horizontally instead of vertically. With new ways to interact with your app You don't need to drag and drop the screen to use the shared screen or pop-up view. Just press and hold the app icon for a long time. You will get a list of four options. Select Open in the on-screen view and the app will automatically attach to the top of the screen. Choose the second app by tapping to open as normal, then both programs will be paired and ready to use.

Turn on night mode

The dark mode is sublime in the user interface.
Another important change for the user interface is the addition of a system-wide dark theme. It vows the application panel, draw apps with dark brushes and make everything easy on the eyes. To scroll, press the new option Night mode in Quick settings or choose Night mode in the display settings.

Skip to address bar of Samsung Internet [19659019] en ui Address "width =" 700 "height =" 467 "data-imageid =" 100788740 "data-license =" IDG "/> IDG
If you press the home button for a long time on Samsung Internet, you will jump directly to the address bar.

Samsung browser in the user interface, press the button and settings on the bottom bar for easier access. But you still have to reach the top of the screen There is a new trick: if you press the home button for a long time, the cursor will jump to the address bar and you can enter

Screen rotation manually:

You can rotate the screen manually. The screen in One UI, even if automatic rotation is turned off.
Auto-rotation can do well when you want to watch videos or quickly switch to games. But it can be annoying when you're in bed or in an uneven car in the Samsung interface. It uses the capabilities of Android Pies to rotate the screen manually. The user interface has the same buttons for automatic rotation as But before, the behavior will be different when you change to vertical: when you slide your phone to landscape mode it still doesn't rotate. But a small icon will appear in the bottom right corner Press it and the screen will rotate and lock in a new direction. When you want to go back and flip your phone and tap the icon again.

Pull up the registration screen quickly:

If you want to see your messages or come to the registration settings quickly, just swipe down on the home screen.
Whether you use gestures or the old navigation bar to get out, there are new shortcuts created in the interface that everyone loves. To access the notification screen, all you have to do is scroll down to the center of the screen to zoom in and swipe again to see all of the Quick Settings. To get rid of, swipe up. It's easier than using a fingerprint sensor as a small trackpad and a simple change. I hope all Android phones will use it.

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How to check if your Facebook account has been hacked 2019

Recently it became known that the social network Facebook was subjected to a hacker attack. In total, 50 million user accounts of the network could be affected, and another 40 million could be called into question. Later, the company specified that 30 million had been hacked. The network administration had already closed the vulnerability and now gave access to an online service that would show if a particular account had been hacked. 

To check, you need to go to the official page with a message about the attack (it should be in English). Next, scroll to the  Is my Facebook account section impacted by this security issue? If the account has not been hacked, there will be a short message indicating that your account is most likely safe. If it was, then the message will look like this:

Hacking could affect an account in three ways: 

You are in the list of users whose phone and address went to hackers. 
You are in the list of users whose personal profile information, including phone, mail, login, gender, language, relationship status, date of birth, types of devices for accessing the network, education and other data specified in the profile were available to hackers.
You are in the list of users whose access tokens have been stolen, but whose data has remained untouched. 

What should I do if my account has been hacked?

No need to change your password or credit card - there is no evidence that this data has been damaged. 
Since personal data falling into the hands of scammers, a wave of spam messages and calls may begin. 
If we are talking about group 2 of personal data, it may be worth checking or improving the security of services where your biographical data is used for verification (for example, the answer to a secret question that hackers can learn from profile data), add two-factor authorization, etc. 
The company also reported details of a hacker attack. As mentioned earlier, the vulnerability worked thanks to the View As an option, which allows the user to see how his page looks through the eyes of other users. The attack itself took place on September 14 of this year - the company noticed "unusual activity" and already on September 25 realized that it was a hack. Two days after that, the vulnerability was removed.

Hackers initially had a set of Facebook accounts, and they could automatically steal access tokens from friends of these accounts, and friends of friends, gained access to data like a list of their friends, posts in the feed, groups in which they are members. There was no access to messages, with one exception: if the user of the stolen account was the admin of the page. 

Recall that after the hack, users have already noticed that Facebook accounts are sold on the darknet at $ 3-12 apiece.

How to hack a cell phone - a complete guide 2019

So you want to know how to hack a mobile phone? This guide will provide information on several ways to crack a smartphone in 2019. I'll start with a simple method, and then take a look at some alternative hacking methods that you may not know about.

First, let's clarify what hacking a phone really means. According to most definitions, the word “hacking” means “to gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer”. In our case, a smartphone is a system or computer.

I’m not quite happy with the term “Hack,” because it has certain illegal connotations. If you are following this website, you should know that I am analyzing cell phone spy apps in detail, explaining how to use them ... and constantly testing them. All of this can be done legally. I do not advocate any illegal use of spyware applications.

Call it hacking or spying or monitoring someone else’s mobile - they all come down to the same result - getting access to data. How does this happen?

Normal secret phone hacking

In most cases, the point will be to hack someone’s phone without their knowledge and gain access to as much data as possible. Opening a smartphone through spyware is by far the easiest and most affordable method; you don’t need to be a technology wizard.

This site has already collected reviews of the most powerful applications for penetrating someone else's smartphone. Each of them is functional and easy to use. We list the main ones - FlexySpy, Mspy, MxSpy, SPYZIE, UnderSpy, and others. Spyware is almost impossible to detect and this is their main advantage.

Two spyware methods

1. With access to the victim’s device

The former work on the principle of downloading and installing directly on the phone that you want to hack. You need physical access to the device for at least a few minutes.

After installation, the spy collects data from the smartphone and uploads it to the online panel. You can enter the Internet (from anywhere in the world) and see all the collected information and activity by phone.

Applications run on Android and Apple smartphones and tablet devices. After the program has been installed on the victim’s phone once, access is no longer required, and you can view all the data remotely.

2. Without access to the victim’s device (Apple)

This is a relatively new hacking method and is only available for Apple devices such as the iPhone. No software is installed on the device you want to hack - with Apple, this is not necessary.

This version works by monitoring smartphone backups made with iCloud ("Cloud") - Apple's free backup program for iPhone, etc.

It does not provide real-time data because it relies on backup updates. It also has fewer monitoring features compared to the full version of the spyware program - but it is still a powerful hacking tool.

Potentially, you don’t even need access to the phone you want to hack - until the backups are configured. Your iCloud account must have an Apple User ID and password.

What is controlled on a phone with spy software

People are always amazed at how powerful these spyware apps can be. Individual hacking programs offer various advanced feature lists. By default, in almost all spyware applications you can: see a detailed call log, read text messages, see GPS data (where the phone was or was recent), browser history, messages, photos and videos on the phone, a list of applications installed .... this list goes on.

Advanced spy features differ - for example, FlexiSpy and Xnspy have a call recording feature where you can listen to the voice of callers received on a hacked device.

You will see messages sent and received on popular sites and social networks, application messages - Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

You can track the child’s phone in real-time and receive notifications if you activate the function - “set restricted areas”.

It is your power to control many of the functions of the smartphone, such as blocking individual applications or websites; block certain contact numbers or erase data - all remotely (after installation).

The bottom line is that you will get access to almost every activity that occurs with a hacked smartphone or tablet device. From a small text message to weekly browser history.

How to remotely hack a phone without physically accessing

For full control of the software, you will need access to install the program physically on the target phone or device. After that, monitoring and control can be done remotely using the online dashboard.

Without installing software, you can hack only Apple products, subject to certain conditions: Firstly, you must have an Apple ID and user password, and secondly, the phone must already be configured to run backups in iCloud. If not, then you will need to access the device to configure backups to run initially.

This leads us to the next section, where I look at some other ways that you can hack someone else’s cell phone without having it in your hands. These methods are not readily available to most people and are likely to be very expensive and illegal. But I must tell you about them! (for informational purposes it's over)

How many smartphones in the world can be hacked?

More and more people in the world are choosing a smartphone as their primary digital device. People use smartphones not only for voice communications but also browsers, email, SMS, chat, social networks, photos, payment services and so on.

Today there are 2.6 billion smartphones in the world and is expected to grow to 6.1 billion. By 2020 there will be 7.3 billion people on the planet and almost everyone will master this device in their own hands.

This means that the "handheld computer" will turn into a target for hackers, as it can give a lot of information about its owner and will become an entry point into the public network.

In this series we will look at methods for hacking smartphones, which usually vary by type of operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). Since Android is the most widely used operating system (currently 82.8%), let's start with it. In the end, we will consider hacking iOS from Apple (13.9%) and Windows Phone from Microsoft (2.6%). I don’t think it makes sense to spend time on the BlackBerry operating system, since it contains only 0.3% of the market, and I do not expect its percentage to increase.

In the first part, we will create a secure virtual environment where we can test various hacking methods. Firstly, we will build some Android virtual devices. Secondly, we download and install the Metasploit Framework on the smartphone as part of the pentest. This is a great tool for creating and testing exploits against smartphones.

Let's start by creating and deploying Android virtual devices to use them as targets.

Hacking a smartphone using Kali

Kali - one of the varieties of Linux, a program used by hackers and specialists in information security. A very popular and irreplaceable thing. I will not describe the pros and cons, but we will immediately get down to business:

Step 1: Open a terminal

Of course, to get started, launch Kali and open a terminal.

Step 2: Install the required libraries

In order to run these Android virtual devices on 64-bit Debian operating systems (e.g. Kali), we need to install several key libraries that are not enabled by default. Fortunately, they are all in the Kali vault.

kali> apt-get install lib32stdc ++ 6 lib32ncurses5 lib32zl

Installing these three libraries is enough to work, now we can proceed with the installation of the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK).

Step 3: Install the Android SDK

From your browser, go to the Android SDK website and download the Android SDK installer. Make sure you download the Linux kit. You can download and install options for Windows or Mac, and then test these virtual devices in Kali, but this will be a more complicated option. Let's go the simple way and set everything to Kali.

Once you have downloaded it, you can extract it using the GUI archiving tool in Kali, or using the command line.

Step 4: Go to the tools catalog

Next, we need to go to the tools directory of the SDK directory.

kali> cd / android-pentest-framework / sdk / tools

After we are in the tool catalog, we can launch the application for Android. Just enter

kali> / android

When you do this, the SDK manager will open the GUI, as above. Now we will download two versions of the Android operating system to practice our hacking of the smartphone, Android 4.3 and Android 2.2. Make sure you find them among this list, click on the box next to them, and click on the “Install XX packages” button. This will force the SDK to load these operating systems into your Kali.

Step 5: Android Virtual Device Manager

After we have downloaded all the packages, now we need to build our Android virtual devices or AVDs. From the SDK manager shown above, select tools -> Manage AVDs, which will open the interface, as below from Android Virtual Device Manager.

Click on the "Create" button, which will open such an interface below. Create two Android virtual devices, one for Android 4.3 and one for Android 2.2. I just named my devices “Android 4.3” and “Android 2.2,” and I recommend that you do the same.

Select the Nexus 4 device and the appropriate target (API 18 for Android 4.3 and API 8 for Android 2.2) and "Skin with dynamic hardware controls." The rest of the settings you should leave the default value, except to add 100 MiB SD-cards.

Step 6: Launch the android device

After creating two Android virtual devices, the Android Virtual Device Manager should look like this with two devices.

Select one of the virtual devices and click the "Start" button.

This will launch the Android emulator creating your Android virtual device. Be patient this may take some time. When he finishes, you should be met by a virtual smartphone on your Kali desktop!

Step 7: Install the Pentest Framework Smartphone

The next step is to install the Smartphone Pentest Framework. You can use git clone to download it to

kali> git clone

Step 8: Starting Apache

As the webserver and MySQL database will be needed, go ahead and start both of these services.

kali> service apache2 startkali> service mysql start

Step 9: change the configuration.

Like almost all Linux applications, the Smartphone Pentest Framework is configured using a text configuration file. First, you need to go to the directory with a subdirectory of the framework console

kali> CD / root / Smartphone-Pentest-Framework / frameworkconsole

Then open the configuration file in any text editor. In this case, I used Leafpad

kali> leafpad config

We will need to edit the IPADDRESS variable and the SHELLIPADDRESS variable to reflect the actual IP address of your Kali system (you can find it by entering "ifconfig").

Step 10: Launch the Platform

Now we are ready to launch the Smartphone Pentest Framework. Just enter

kali> ./

And that should open the Framework menu as shown below.

The finish! Now we are ready to start hacking smartphones!

We hire a hacker to open someone else's phone remotely

I saw a lot of people offering to "hack any cell phone" without access, for a fee .... just send your payment to this person (often several thousand rubles). What could go wrong?

Beware of scammers! They understand how desperate some people are in search of breaking the phone of their spouse or partner. I am offered these services every week, trying to get me to recommend them to my readers.

* Most of them are ordinary scammers, and I will never use them or recommend them to anyone. This is a crime and it is punishable, regardless of your circumstances or how desperate you are.

Can some telephone hackers really do such things? Sure, the answer is yes. If they are genuine, having knowledge and skill, they will be very expensive. The price of the issue is several thousand dollars for hacking one smartphone! What they do is very illegal and have serious consequences. They are extremely cautious and often remain anonymous.

How do hackers hack someone else’s smartphone remotely? I will talk about these methods below. Most often, the main role is played by the right connections with the right people. These people are usually smart and technically informed, occupy some position in the right places.

Hacking with Stingray or Imsi Catcher

This hacking method has several names and terms related to each other. IMSI Catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is sometimes described as “false towers”, “false communications towers”, etc. This device looks like a suitcase or a large smartphone. The IMSI Catcher function to spoof phones forcing them to connect to the "tower" whose signal is stronger. This “vulnerability” of finding the best source of communication is inherent in the mobile systems themselves. Link to a detailed description, features, and specifications - 

A similar device, the interceptor, is Stingray, so loved by special services, which can not only steal and monitor transmitted data packets but also send victims to the device.

Such equipment works mainly by substitution in order to appear to be a genuine mobile phone tower and intercept signals in the vicinity. They can then identify individual phones and crack their data - sometimes including listening to and recording calls or tracking movements.

Initial versions of the equipment cost about $ 50,000, but are now reportedly available from $ 1,500. Obviously, in order to reach a large audience and range of cybercriminals.

Due to the massive distribution of devices, law enforcement officers came under pressure from the authorities due to unregulated use without a warrant and, allegedly, the abuse of privacy laws.

Law enforcement hacking

I always get questions from people who suspect that they are under police surveillance or hacked by the FSB! Seriously! I do not know what they expect from me. I refuse to give any advice, promises, hope to these "heroes".

I think smart people will understand that law enforcement services (wherever you live) have the opportunity to hack your mobile phone without your knowledge.

There were numerous scandals and data leaks from informants. If they want to spy on your emails, they can and will, I hope, legally, using a warrant, but who knows?

One thing is for sure ... they won’t use Mspy or FlexiSpy and you won’t know when looking at your phone what signs to look for. Paranoia she is so ...

How to hack Snapchat account and password for free

I came across a bunch of sites that can't provide anything worthwhile when it comes to hacking Snapchat. With this article, I want to interrupt this series and discuss with you how to quickly get access to Snapchat accounts, photos, and passwords.

I spent a lot of time trying and making sure that the methods that I will give in this article are working. There are several ways to hack your friends' Snapchat accounts (or maybe even complete strangers). Most likely, you do not believe me, but scroll down and see for yourself.

I have already covered a lot of hacks on this resource. All the tricks and hacks that are written about in my articles are tested for performance before our readers see them. After carefully studying this article, you will learn how to hack Snapchat accounts, passwords/photos in minutes. By just a few minutes, I mean the fact that you don’t have to rummage through a huge number of articles to finally find at least one working way.

Let's get to work!

Why hack Snapchat account?

Regardless of your reasons, I strongly do not recommend using these tricks for illegal purposes. But to look after their own children, while they are online, it is quite possible. Some of the applications covered in this article will help you achieve your goal if you are a parent and are trying to access your child’s account. From my own experience, I will say that there are many ways to hack a Snapchat account. But you should not mislead yourself that hacking is carried out with one keystroke. This is ridiculous. Hacking any platform requires time, patience and social engineering skills.

So let's get started, how do you hack Snapchat?

How to hack someone else's account on Snapchat?
Method 1: Hack Snapchat - Best Snapchat Hack Tool
Hacking Snapchat with Spyzie
This is the best application that will help you learn passwords from Instagram without much effort. This application also has a keylogger that gives access to everything that is dialed on the target’s device. Follow the steps below to learn how to hack Instagram with Spyzie.

Unlike Snapchat Hack v3, this application guarantees the result. Spyzie is safe to use, just download it and set goals on your device. The application is hidden so that the user cannot find it. Read the following steps to learn how to access Snapchat with Spyzie.

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation letter with all the necessary login information to your control panel.

Step 3: Install the application on the target device. Download it to the victim’s phone.

To do this, go to the newly created Spyzie account and select the installation from an unknown source. After installation, go to the application using your data. Let the app intercept Snapchat data. Spyzie briefly appears on the screen before switching to stealth mode.

Step 4: Log in to your control panel using your login details.

Step 5: Open the keylogger section and wait for your goal to hit Snapchat. After that, you will receive a notification on your device. Now you can use the data to access your account from your PC. Thanks to the keylogger, you will have the password of your goal, and you can monitor the activity of the account from your devices.

Hacking Snapchat with MSpy:

MSpy is a fairly well-known tool for hacking Snapchat accounts. Unfortunately, the application is not free. Follow the steps below to learn how to hack your Snapchat account using MSpy.

Step 1: Go and buy the equipment you need.

Step 2: The administration of the application will send you a confirmation letter and a token to enter.

Step 3: Study the MSpy demo to understand how the application works.

Step 4: After that, install the application on the target device, and you will get access to it from your control panel.

Step 5: Open the Snapchat section to access messages and photos.

Step 6: Use the functions of the keylogger to monitor the account without the knowledge of the goal. Once you know the password, log in to your account from your computer and continue to monitor.

Method 2: Hack Snapchat with Snap Hack v3.

Snapchat Hack v3 is one of the most popular free tools for hacking other people's accounts, passwords and messages on Snapchat without much effort or downloading third-party applications.

How to use Snapchat Hack v3

Go to

Snapchat Hack v3 will teach you how to hack your friends' accounts on Snapchat without contacting the target’s device and without its knowledge. This web application is fast and efficient, does not require software downloads and is absolutely free. Nevertheless, there is one limitation, this utility is limited only to Snaphat, unlike other hacking tools.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to

Step 2: Click on the “Hack account” button.

Step 3: Enter the username of your target.

Step 4: Select the required options. You can separately upload victim messages or photos. And you can unload everything at once.

You can also upload goal history. An ideal way to track your unfaithful spouse or partner.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes only. The author or publisher did not publish this article for malicious purposes. If readers would like to use the information for personal gain, the author and publisher are not responsible for any harm or damage caused.

Huawei's newest HarmonyOS that will enter every Huawei's molecule

Huawei has announced the official launch of the latest OS named HarmonyOS, a new, fresh operating system from the work # HDC2019.

Before that, there were rumors that Huawei had ambushed the OS. Stating that it is HongmengOS, but in conclusion, it is HarmonyOS (Harmony OS). The Chinese giant said that HarmonyOS will be used in every Their smartphone To various types of IoT devices

On Twitter, Huawei Mobile has said that this new OS will be built on the four main strengths and confirm that it will be the best OS for the digital world today.