Beware of illegal iPhone charging cables. That secretly hacked your computer

Security researchers who use the nickname on Twitter that MG has revealed a new type of attack that uses the iPhone charger that comes with Payload, which contains scripts and commands from hackers. For connecting from a distance via a terminal into the Macbook screen to control the computer

Lightning-like charging cable that looks ordinary That many people use to connect between iPhone and Macbook to transfer that data May become disastrous if a foreign object from the poor Which is specially tailored to use for remote attack

MG gave an interview to Motherboard that the dangerous cable seems very real. Plus still, use as usual Until no computer can catch up Until the attacker connects to the system embedded in the cable to start hacking

Just type the IP address of the cable via the web browser on the phone. Will find many options for hacking, such as opening the terminal screen on a Mac to run commands Or even running a variety of hacking tools
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