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Windows 10 Task Manager is improved for players. In Windows Insider Build 1. 8963, Task Manager now displays the GPU temperature. This is part of the Windows 10 20H1 update, which is expected to be fixed in May 2020.

This latest feature builds on the graphics processor features Microsoft has already added to the Task Manager in recent Windows 10. Windows 10 updates already display information and statistics about using the GPU in the Task Manager - from the GPU name in the available memory and usage.

Now, the "GPU temperature" also appears when you select the GPU on the Task Manager's Performance tab. You can see the temperature of your GPU without third-party utilities.

There are some limitations: This only works with dedicated GPUs (without built-in or built-in). , The requirement is a graphics driver that has been updated with WDDM 2.4 or a newer driver model. Currently, only temperatures appear in degrees Celsius, not in Fahrenheit.

We hope that Microsoft will add more temperature statistics to the Task Manager in the future. The CPU temperature, which appears directly in the Task Manager, is an amazing feature.

Other interesting features in this build include notepad update via the Store, the ability to rename virtual desktops in the task view, an Enhanced Preferences page in the Preferences as well as a mouse cursor speed in the Preferences and image update of your account on various Microsoft services when you change it to Preferences, b, e, v, n, t, s.

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