Top 10 free apps for WiFi hacker on both Android and desktop

Because of the hacking skills, the system is not something that can be learned easily overnight. Nowadays, there are many image tools for hacking systems designed for novice hacks that are not experienced. Especially wireless or Wi-Fi networks that have a lot of tools on both smartphones and desktops

And in using apps, Wi-Fi hacking on Android is Need to root the device first In addition, Android version 4.0 or later must also be used and check whether the target WiFi network is WPS enabled and whether the signal strength is sufficient or not.

However, introduced 10 top Wi-Fi hacking tools on Android and desktop. That helps to learn the basics And facilitate easy hacking "For education and system testing Without regard to crimes "as follows.

1. WPA WPS Tester:
Is an Android-based app that has one of the best Wi-Fi hacks. By scanning the wireless network for a variety of vulnerabilities And can penetrate the network with high protection too This app scans the connection with the access point with WPS PIN, which calculates the code from the algorithm, such as Blink, Asus, Zhao, and Arris. After the key hack has been decrypted, the app will show the key. As mentioned on the screen to be used easily

2. Aircrack
Password hacking for both 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK by capturing data packets and recovering password data Including the ability to attack FMS (both KoreK and PTW) in order to decode, can perform optimization to decode faster than other hacking tools Even though the interface looks complicated

3. Kali Linux Nethunter
The ultimate hacking tool with an easy-to-use interface. In addition to testing the penetration Also helps analyze complex network configuration files very well Can do many things, whether it is network map creation, network control, wireless network penetration Or even USB HID Keyboard attacks, etc.

4. Zanti
Used for assessing the risk level on the network. With an easy-to-use interface Keep scanning the access point and setting the default key. Including using to disconnect Or prevent the target from accessing the desired server or web

5. Nmap
Host scanning, data packets, firewalls, services on Wi-Fi networks run on Android, both root and not yet root.

Desktop apps include:

6. Kismet
Is an app that feeds WiFi data on both the 802.11 a / b / g / n layer 2 open-source model. Can detect intrusion And find the cause of problems with the Wi-Fi network. Supports all types of Wi-Fi cards with rfmon mode. Works on both Windows, BSD, OS X, and Linux.

7. Cain & Able
Is designed for trapping network traffic To suck passwords using Brute Force attacks, which can decode through a variety of formats from scanning protocol routing Developed specifically to work on OS Windows. It is also used to record voice conversations via VoIP, data caching, encrypted password decryption, access to routing protocols, as well as using data from the ARP to absorb data on the switch's LAN. And detecting attacks Man-in-the-Middle also

8. Wireshark
Is a protocol analyzer that can choose to capture data related to a Wi-Fi network even if it is not directly decrypted. But can view each packet as well But using this tool requires some basic knowledge about the protocol.

9. Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker
Can specify the host and related traffic in real-time Is designed for searching and fixing vulnerabilities on a particular network Works on popular OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition to removing WEP / WPA / WPS keys, it can also test attacks on other networks. For WPA / WPA2, it uses random terminology while WEP will Use other mechanisms such as Hirte, ARP Request Replay, Fragmentation, Chop-Chop, Caffe-Latte or WPS attack directly.

10. CoWPAtty
Is a WPA-PSK network-based decoding algorithm based on automatic dictionaries With thousands of vocabulary libraries for random experimentation Working on OS Linux in the form of a medium that is difficult to understand With the random code mechanism Therefore making use of decoding time for quite a long time Including wasting time encrypting hash using SSID targets with every The words in their own glossaries, even though the latest version, already has the code in the hash form. For more than a thousand commonly-used SSIDs But the program will decode faster only when the target SSID is already in the hashed database.
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