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When there is a new game you want to play or an app you want to use but the Wi-Fi network isn't available, you can download it via mobile data. However, if the app size is too large, you can't do it on the iPhone, but it's changing in iOS 1.

3, which in turn, provides control over mobile data downloads in the App Store
As the standard data for mobile data grows every year, Apple continues to relentlessly, with restrictions on downloading apps via mobile networks on the iPhone OS 2, a 10 MB limit, iOS 3.1. .3 collided with 20 MB, iOS 5.1 has 50 MB, iOS 7 raised to 100 MB, iOS 11 got 150 MB, iOS 12.3.1 fired up to 200 MB, and iOS 13 removed the cover almost completely

Correct. Finally, the new iOS 13 will remove the App Store download limit without a Wi-Fi connection. You can download apps of all sizes from the App Store using LTE, including extended games, large dictionaries, decorating apps. Photos and videos and other larger apps. Many people in the United States have an unlimited data plan with their service providers, so it's good to remove restrictions and allow Do unlimited downloads

Step 1: View and change app download settings.

In iOS 13, the App Store's default download setting asks you if you want to install an app that exceeds 200 MB in size. It doesn't block you. But requesting you to proceed, However, there are two other options that you can access in the settings app. Go to the "iTunes & App Store" setting and under the mobile phone information You will find options. "Download app" Touch to see the selection.

Allow Permissions: Allow all applications to download automatically with LTE. No suggestions at all - just do, no questions asked.
The question over 200 MB: Selecting default allows apps under 200 MB to download automatically with LTE, meaning you will be asked to confirm the download if it exceeds 200 MB.

Ask every time: Always ask for permission to download apps with LTE. It works on everything regardless of size.

Although all settings allow you to download 200+ MB applications on LTE, the difference is that you are warned to download large applications. If you want to allow apps of any size to download without warning, select the "Always allow" option. Even if you choose one of two settings, you can override the warning that appears.

As a side note, it is always necessary to be allowed when roaming, regardless of which of the three settings you choose because the cost of roaming is significantly higher in a mobile plan.

Step 2: Download the 200+ MB app from the App Store

To download applications that are over 200 MB in size, go to the App Store. In this example, I downloaded the Oxford Dictionary of English and came to a massive size of 224.8 MB. Click "Download" on the app's information page. Make sure it's necessary. And the app will begin downloading via LTE with zero warnings But if you choose the option "Always allow"

If you choose "Request more than 200 MB" or "Always ask" you will get a popup like in the picture below, telling the size of the app, a warning about additional fees on your mobile plan and the option to download " Later on Wi-Fi "or" Download "to continue immediately after via LTE.

Depending on the signal strength and your mobile data plan, the app may take a moment to download. When finished, will appear on your home screen.

Your iPhone has just received a new update. Check out all the new features that have been reduced in iOS 13.1.

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