How to install apps directly on your Apple Watch.

With watchOS 6, Apple Watch is almost a standalone device. Although you still can't install Apple Watch without an iPhone, you can install and uninstall apps without touching the smartphone.

How to install apps on Apple Watch:

When you open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the App Store tab, you will find that the App Store is empty. Moved to your wrist when updating watchOS 6.

To install apps on your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to open the Apps screen. Here you will find a new "App Store" icon and touch.

 Open the App Store on Apple Watch and press the search button. 

You will see that all Apple Watch stores are here on your wrist and show all watchOS-specific apps.

The App Store landing page has a search bar at the top and a list of apps collected below. You can browse the entire screen and find interesting apps that you want to install.

If you are looking for something specific, click on the "Search" box. At the top you see two ways to search for the app. Press "Doodle" to type the word on the clock screen with your finger. You can still press feature. "Dictation" to use Siri Dictation to search for apps.

 Click on Scribble to search for apps in the App Store. 

Click on the app from the list for details. From here, you can read the app description and see the screenshot.

Choose the "Receive" button to download the app. If it's a paid app, you'll see the price in the download button.

 Items and options to download the App Store 

If this is the first time you download an app from the App Store on Apple Watch, you will have to enter your Apple ID password. You can either write on the Apple Watch screen or type on your iPhone. This will be easier.

Click the "password" button, then click the keyboard button to receive messages on your iPhone. [19659006]   Touch the password option, then select the keyboard button. 

Enter the Apple ID password on your iPhone.

 Enter your Apple ID password in the text box of your iPhone. 

When you enter the password, the App Store app on the Apple Watch will return to the app page and you will see that the download has started.

Once downloaded, you can press the "open" button to open the app. You can also search for the app displayed on the app screen.

iPhone apps with the Apple Watch Companion app:

When it comes to the Apple Watch app, it's a normal business companion if you install the iPhone app that comes with the Apple Watch app automatically on your Apple Watch.
You can disable this feature in the Watch app. Go to the "General" section of the "My Watch" tab, then click the option next to "Automatic app installation" [1965906] Click on the option to automatically install the app. 

You can delete apps separately from the Watch app from the "My Watch" tab. Find the "Install on Apple Watch" section and select an app.

 Click on the le Watch app from the list. 

From the next screen, tap "Show apps on Apple Watch."

 Click to disable apps from appearing on Apple Watch. 

How to use removing apps from Apple Watch:

Removing an app from Apple Watch is very easy. To access the app screen, tap the Digital Crown and then tap and hold the app.
Here you will see a small "X" icon in the top left corner of the app that you can delete. You can also delete some stock apps, such as Breathe and Stock if you wish.

Click the "X" icon, then click "Delete app".

 Press the X button, then press the Remove button to delete the app from Apple Watch. 

If you haven't upgraded to watchOS 6, it's worth it for the new App Store and new customizable watches.

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